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If you need help with any of this, please just contact us, or let us design things for you.


All colour printing is produced in CMYK. Please create and supply files using this colour space. Anything provided in RGB will be converted to CMYK which can result in undesired results.

We do not produce Pantone colours, however if you give us the references once you've placed your order we'll do our best to match them.

Colour Accuracy

If a high degree of colour accuracy is required or you require your job to match to a previous one you have two options: Send us a copy of the previous job OR request a Hard Copy Proof when ordering. We'll do our best to make adjustments to match to your colours.

Do not expect your job to match the colours of a job printed by a different printers, on different equipment, on different paper, by simply submitting the same files to us. It won't. Talk to us before the job is produced and we can probably get a good match.


Please supply all files with 2mm bleed on each edge. For an A4 for example you'd supply a file that is 214x301mm in size.

Quiet Area

Our equipment is top-spec and incredibly accurate, however we'd generally recommend leaving a 3mm quiet area around the edge of your artwork to avoid any issues with movement during production.

Resolution & DPI

For rasterized or bitmap elements (such as images) we recommend a resolution of 300dpi. This is a minimum recommendation which is perfectly adequate for images, however if you're designing in Photoshop then rasterized line data such as small text may require a higher resolution output. Ideally don't use an application that can only export raster data (i.e Photoshop) for designs that require small text, use something like Indesign.


Please ensure all fonts are embedded or converted to outlines.

We're recommend using the PDF/X 2001 format when exporting your PDF as this will ensure the correct options are specified.

Transparencies & Overlaying Images

Not a problem but please use the PDF/X 2001 format when exporting, this should ensure all transparency data is flattened correctly. As a basic principle, keep compatibility 1.3.  (i.e. use of PDF-Version 1.3; Acrobat 4.0 compatible) in mind

Spreads or Singe Pages

When supplying files for the production of a booklet keep as Single Pages (with bleed on each edge). Please don't send Readers Spreads unless they're as Jpegs for checking page order. If producing folded documents, produce a single page of artwork with a 2mm bleed on outer edges.

Printers Marks

Do not add any bleed, trim, colour or fold marks. We'll add our own as part of our workflow.

Most leaflets, flyers and booklets are VAT Zero Rated. The VAT status of an item depends on the artwork. If we believe your order should have VAT applied to it after it's been placed we'll contact you to collect the additional payment.
For further details on Zero Rated items please consult the HMRC website here.

Anything else?

We've tried to cover as much as possible, but if there's anything else you'd like some advice on just get in touch. We'd much rather talk to you before you've started your designs so that you can ensure everything's correct from the outset.
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